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Marketing services for the Rome / Utica area
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How long do you have?

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Most web visitors leave within seconds of landing on a new page.

An ineffective website lets visitors slip away - often never to return. (They probably didn't see all your great content.)

However, there is a solution.

To make your website work for you, contact us. We'll help you get and keep sales leads.

Our Services


Full-service for your website: design, graphics, SEO, hosting, domain names


The wording on your website should be making you sales. If not, you're missing out!


Make a clear path for customers to follow: from landing page, to email list, to sales offers.

We've done it before...

A website that doesn't bring in leads is frustrating. But it doesn't have to stay that way. We've helped others, and we can help you, too:

We had an outdated site and Congius has brought us to a better functioning site with better contact points for potential customers to get to us. All was simple and done through a few emails. Travis W.

[Congius] did a great job on the development of [our website]. Very talented. Ron R.

[Congius was] awesome, kind, and a pleasure to work with. Susan B.

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It's easy to get started! Email, text, call, or use this form. Contact us today. We'll get back with you as soon as possible.

Pass it on

When you choose Congius, you also support families with disabled children:

George C.

George has communication difficulties due to cerebral palsy. Congius provided a joystick typing system and is now working towards an eye-tracker upgrade.

J. Isaiah

Isaiah is a teen affected by blindness and autism. Congius contributes towards his daily living expenses.