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Full-service: design, graphics, SEO, hosting, domain names


Online instruction and mentorship

Website Services

Full-service for your website: design, graphics, SEO, hosting, domain names

Hosting & Maintenance

$59 / month

This service plan covers website hosting costs, minor updates and one domain name (DNS).


$39 / year

Many websites have their own address on the internet (like We can help register and manage a name for your site.


$220 new | $85 revision

Your logo embodies the identity of your organization. We can help you come up with a new logo concept or revise an existing logo that needs touching up. This package includes consultation, creation, and industry standard formatting of your logo.


$85 / hour

Get customized components on your website or find help for other software needs. Our team has experience in building websites from scratch.

For website design, see below under Marketing

Copywriting Services

The wording on your website should be making you sales. If not, you're missing out!

Sales Letter


It's critical for you to communicate to your customers and prospects how much you care. When they buy your product or service, they're trusting your words. We'll help refine your message so it's effective.

Landing Page


Like an online sales letter, the words on a landing page matter. We'll help you get the right words to convey your message.

Marketing Services

Make a clear path for customers to follow: from landing page, to email list, to sales offers.

Homepage Consult


Did you know that the most important part of a website is "above the fold" on the home page? (That's the part a visitor sees before scrolling down.) Many web visitors never get past that point and leave before reading the rest of the page. When you choose the Homepage Consult service, you'll get a report on how to streamline your home page with marketing in mind, with an emphasis on "above the fold." After a one-hour interview, you'll get a full report of how to optimize your homepage to capture leads. This includes clarifying your message, copywriting, plus image and layout recommendations.

Basic Website

$1,200 once + $59 / month

When you choose the Basic Website package you get the Homepage Consult put into action in a new single-page site. This includes everything you need to grab your customer's attention and get more leads. Your new site will be marketing-centered, mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and fast.

Fullsite Consult


With the Fullsite Consult report you get everything in the Homepage Consult but for five additional pages on your site (or landing pages). As a bonus, you'll also get our guide on how to collect effective reviews and testimonials.

Full Website

$6,400 once + $59 / month

The Full Website brings everything in the Fullsite Consult report to life in a new website! Your new site will be designed with marketing in mind. Of course, it will also be mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and fast.

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Pass it on

When you choose Congius, you also support families with disabled children:

George C.

George has communication difficulties due to cerebral palsy. Congius provided a joystick typing system and is now working towards an eye-tracker upgrade.

J. Isaiah

Isaiah is a teen affected by blindness and autism. Congius contributes towards his daily living expenses.